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Pet Care Essentials That Every Pet Owner Must Know

Veterinary care is a tough field. The veterinary care is crucial to the health of a pet. Early disease detection will prolong the pet’s life.  Preventive care shouldn’t be considered optional. Don’t own a pet unless you make sure to spend some time and money for the safety and health of your pets. Here are some pet care essentials.

Physical examination

Make sure your pet undergoes a complete physical wellness exam. This finds out the abnormalities in eyes, ears, skin, cardiovascular functions, neurological functions, gastrointestinal function and the skeletal systems. Physical wellness exams are suggested to be taken on every six months. Early diagnosis of disease helps in preventing it better.


The veterinary hospitals provide with highest quality vaccinations to prevent your pets from various and common life threatening diseases. The government passed a law to ensure every pet dog is injected with rabies vaccines.

Monthly preventatives

Preventatives for diseases like heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas, and ticks are essential to keep your pet healthy. Heartworm is a fatal disease transmitted by mosquito bites to dogs and cats. Monthly oral medication can prevent this deadly disease. This preventive is not only crucial to the health of your pet, but also to the health of people. These worms may be passed to people as well if the pet is not properly vaccinated.

Cat Care

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are not just an irritation to the pets. They can easily transmit disease that can infect both pets and humans such as Ehrlichiosis, plague, and more. Usage of effective shampoos and soaps for your pet protects it from fleas and ticks.


A healthy and balanced diet can help prevent conditions like pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, etc. Feeding your pets with proper diet and nutrition will help your pet lead a longer life. People often misunderstand dogs as carnivores and feed them with a large amount of meat-based diet. Dogs should be fed with a properly balanced diet of meat-based and non-meat based nutrition.

Do the best to ensure the safety and health of the pets that are dependent on you for following the above mentioned essentials.

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